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Early December 059

Burgers are for backyards, hanging out, and feeling right at home. Burgers remind me of the grill at my neighborhood pool growing up, Treecourt. They make me think of Sunday afternoons in San Jose, playing darts and sipping cold beer with David’s brothers, their wives, his parents, and friends from the neighborhood. They remind me that my Dad’s Weber stands at the height of culinary machinery.

Treecourt Swimming Pool

When I make burgers, I usually am making them for David. Fresh ingredients let the flavors stand on their own. (I usually add shallots, egg, and special seasonings to my patties).


But back to the important stuff. Byron.

David and I ordered the same cheeseburger – Monterrey Jack, medium.  IMHO, Jack might be one of the tastiest and underrated cheeses for cheeseburgers. Fries to share. Chocolate milk-shake.

We weren’t settled on the shake when we ordered, so David asked the waiter:
“Is the shake thick?”

“It’s made with four scoops of ice cream.”

“Oh.” So yeah, we laughed. It’s thick.

Early December 051

Everything was amazing, and I don’t say that lightly. There is a reason this place gets a five star rating. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium pink, with the cheese flowing over. And the bun? The bun has the ability to kill a good burger and usually it does. Another reason why homemade burgers trump restaurants nine times out of ten. This bun was perfect: held its own and didn’t break down under pressure, but the amount of bread didn’t overtake the meat (crucial). The fries came our crispy – not greasy – and paired perfectly with the chocolate shake. And yes, the shake was killer good.

Early December 054 Thanks, Byron. We know where to find you when our memory needs refreshing come late winter.