The last day of the trip began with a delicious breakfast and a morning hike. We got the idea of doing this from seeing the mountains from the restaurant the night before. Three of us made the committment to get up early and head up into the hills.

The morning started out cloudy and a bit overcast but as we made it further up the hills the sky began to clear and the sun came out. The first thing we encountered as we took off down the trail was a small vineyard planted in someone’s backyard. We then selected a moderate trail that went up the hill. It was lightly rocky and pleasant to climb.

As we went up the hillside, you could see home scattered across the horizon, tucked away into the land. Midway through the hike, tiny drops of rain came down amid sunlight — really the lightest rain I could imagine.

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It was so nice to get out, smell the air, and feel the ground beneath my feet. The hike ended by a small cafe and parking lot where we called for a cab. As we drove back to the city center, all my companions could talk about was how appropriately the hike had prepared us for cheese and wine for lunch.