Stepping out of the hotel, the weather was amazing. The sky was bright blue and the sun beamed down, washing everything in sunlight. It was gorgeous! I met up with a friend and strolled right up the street towards the center of the city.

Aix is known as the city of 100 fountains. As we walked toward Cours Mirabeau, we came across “des quatre dauphins” — the first of many fountains we saw peppered throughout the streets.

If you looked closely at the fountain however, the statue was actually quite scary looking.  The “dolphins” looked more like angry fish with shark teeth.

We continued walking though the streets, passing by Les Deux Garcons – the cafe of visitors like Pablo Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre since 1792.  Along the same street, I found this terribly interesting entrance:

The sun drenched everything in the town center. You could literally see the beams of sunlight illuminating the buildings.

Les maisons étaient extraordinaires! Toute la ville était pleine de charme!

We finished our walk with an espresso in the plaza, talking, catching up, and enjoying all that was around us!