Wednesday we got the keys to our London flat.  All of the preparation, expense, planning and detail culminate in actually stepping foot in our new place!  Settle in, you say?  Begin to decorate, nest, unpack, and do all of the bits and pieces of moving in?  Well, yes….but not quite yet.

We took care of the bare necessities on Wednesday (a la IKEA) and enjoyed a delicious dinner at home.  The next morning, I left for a weekend in Aix-en-Provence.  I was interested in taking the train from St. Pancras to Aix via Lille, as suggested by Seat61, but practical constraints led me to opt for the flight.

I had to be at the airport so early that the train was not yet running from my stop, so David walked me down to the direct bus line.  We had heard about recent sightings of foxes in London, and being fans of the curious creatures we have been really hoping to see one at some point while we live here.  We never thought it would happen so soon!  Sure enough, in the early morning hours at the bus stop I spotted one sneaking around out of a small garden.  David jumped up from the bus stop to snap a few shots, but this one was the best we could muster.

It was crazy to see the little guy trotting about the streets as if he was entirely at home in the city. When the bus arrived, I was on my way. Heathrow was smooth sailing and after a tight connection in Brussels, I arrived without a hitch.

I made my arrangements such that I could get in to Aix a bit early before I had obligations on Thursday evening and leave in the afternoon on Sunday. Plenty of time to see the city in between all the “work” I was there to do. As soon as I checked into the hotel (more on this soon) – I was out strolling the streets of Aix.

The city is beautiful and I look forward to sharing more about my trip in posts to follow.  I have been slow to post because I do not yet have my home internet connection set up (and Aix was too much fun to spend any significant amount of time in the hotel capitalizing on the free in-room internet). I will get more up as soon as possible — provided Starbucks doesn’t kick me out for abusing the free wi-fi.